A majority of web designers feel the necessity of creating stylish splash pages that have no other use except create a barrier which stops web users in their tracks and compels them to make the unnecessary decision of whether to go back to the home page or to log off from your website altogether. These kind of introductions to a site are typically short Flash-based movies that showcase the dc web design designer's flash design skill set, but they do not give anything to the user except to distract them 

In strategic placement of banner publicity, the old proverb "less is more" needs to be used to web design. One successful banner advertisement is more gainful and valuable than a lot of banner ads that get minimal click-through. The more difficult it is to secure a single banner ad space, the more attractive it becomes to publicists. It's best to try and fill space with relevant content. The other is to surround your banner ads with as much necessary material as possible; this will also make the space more attractive to potential publicists. 

The Fastest Bike in the globe will be of no use if no-one knows to drive it. The same applies for websites. Website proprietors can choose to invest thousands in web design, logo design, flash design, splash pages, funky animations and other aesthetic goodies to make the site look good, but if web users cannot move around the site to consume the content or buy products, then the whole website fails to achieve its objective. 

Unskilled web designers will often steal code from different websites and compile their website. When a mistake happens, the web designer doesn't know how to correct it since they didn't come up with the code. Web designers must then waste time working out what each piece of code does, before finding out the error and then correcting it. At this time it's the web users who face inconvenience, as they sit through error after error. The only time you should worry is if the code is copied from an outside website.If you want to learn more about web design, you can visit 


Irrespective of size, each website should remain consistent to make sure the web user knows exactly where they are and where to look every time. Web design applies to everything from simple navigation links to the location of help menus. The aim should be to make the web user familiar with all aspects of your website, from the colors used in the design to the overall layout of your website